JagadaAambika Devi


  • Navagraha Puja Chandi Homam ( On a Specific Day)

    Navagraha puja,Kalasa Stapana Puja  and Chandi Homam will be performed for family members. Family members can participate in the homam. They need to get special clothing for participation. Please contact Kesava Shrama Garu for more information.

    The Chandi Homam is done to get blessing from Goddess Chandika Devi. This is one of the most precious and powerful homam one can perform for destroys all kinds of problems and to bring a Grand success in Life.

    Date can be fixed as per one’s janma nakshatra, the yoga and thithi of that date. Fridays, Ashtami, Navami, Amavasya, Poornima and Chatrudas thithis are suitable for performing this homam.

  • NavaChandi Homam

    Nav Chandi is a unique puja as it is said to have the power of Durga Saptashathi Mantra The puja and Yagna removes all the planetary ill effects.

    The Nav Chandi puja is performing the Nav Avtar or Nine incarnation of Durga worship, as mentioned in the Chandi Purana. The Nine Avatars are : Shailputri Brahmacharini Chandraghanta Kushmanda Skandamata Katyayani Kalratri Mahagauri Siddhidatri Durga Saptashati: Saptashati means chanting of 700 Shloka, describing the importance of Goddess Durga, and her trigunatmak Power or 3 power/ strength element. It is the one of the ancient text that describe Devi as the supreme power and energy that is the creator of all. Durga Saptashati mainly describes the fierce battle between the good and Evil.

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