Welcome to Shree Parvathi Seva Shakthi Peetam Charitable Trust

We connect with in-person and online devotees to provide and perform spiritual and devotional services to help them achieve good health, peace, happiness, and success and satisfy their needs.

In today’s busy life style, people are lost in the western culture and are forgetting the hindu rituals and culture. The knowledge of hindu culture and rituals and its importance is not being transferred to the younger generation and its slowly fading from the minds of everyone. Thus people are losing interest in VAIDIKKARMA either due to lack of knowledge or due to knowlegeable persons not within their reach.

 We are performing RUDRAABHISHEKAM & CHANDI HOMAM for well-being of all devotees and for Universal Peace, Happiness and Harmony. Contact for details:     9849379422       In Case if anyone who desires to perform the puja / homam is unable to come and participate at our Peetham, due to personal commitments, you can still avail the puja services by using our online services. Please send your Name, Gothram, Star, (Nakshatram) or your time of birth by email or SMS and make the payment online from our website. We will send you the online live link on request exclusively, so that you can watch online LIVE from where ever you are.

We are ready to serve you by performing the puja and homam as per you requirement at your residence in a systematic and methodical way following the guidelines of shastras and give you the prashad which will bear you the fruits of the puja and homam to neutralize the ill effects of the grahas and give you good health, wealth and prosperity.

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