• VanaDurga Pasupata Homam and Rudrabhishekam

    • Vanadurga Pasupatha Homam is a sacred ritual performed to honour Goddess Vanadurga, who is considered to be an embodiment of divine energy and power.
    • The ritual is believed to bring immense benefits and blessings to the participants, both spiritually and materially.
    • Here are the key importance and benefits of Vanadurga Pasupatha Homam:
    1. Protection and removal of obstacles: The Homam invokes the divine energy of Goddess Vanadurga, who is renowned for her protective nature. She shields devotees from negative forces, evil spirits, and obstacles in their lives.
    2. Strengthening relationships: Vanadurga Pasupatha Homam can help improve harmony and understanding in relationships. It is believed to resolve conflicts, promote love, and strengthen the bond between family members, friends, and couples.
    3. Attaining material abundance: The homam is known to invoke the blessings of Goddess Vanadurga for material prosperity. It can bring success in business ventures, career growth, and financial stability.
    4. Overcoming fear and gaining courage: Goddess Vanadurga symbolizes courage and fearlessness. The homam helps individuals overcome fear, boost self-confidence, and develop inner strength to face challenges in life.
    5. Spiritual growth and liberation: Participating in Vanadurga Pasupatha Homam can facilitate spiritual growth and enlightenment. It purifies the mind, body, and soul, leading to a deeper connection with the divine and ultimately liberation from the cycle of birth and death.
    6. Healing and well-being: The powerful vibrations and divine energies generated during the homam have a positive impact on physical and mental health. It is believed to alleviate illnesses, promote overall well-being, and restore balance in life.
    7. Fulfilling desires and granting wishes: Devotees offer their prayers and wishes to Goddess Vanadurga during the Homam. It is believed that she grants sincere prayers and fulfills the desires of her devotees.
    8. Purification and removal of negativity: The Homam acts as a spiritual cleanser, purifying the environment and removing negative energies. It creates a positive atmosphere conducive to spiritual growth and overall well-being.
    9. Enhancing spiritual protection: By invoking Goddess Vanadurga, the homam provides spiritual protection against malevolent forces and negative influences. It establishes a shield of divine energy around the participants, safeguarding them from harm.
    10. Overall prosperity and success: Vanadurga Pasupatha Homam is considered a comprehensive ritual that encompasses various aspects of life. Its overall aim is to bring prosperity, success, happiness, and spiritual growth to the devotees.

    Note: It’s important to understand that the beliefs and benefits mentioned above are based on traditional interpretations and may vary among individuals and cultural contexts.

  • 18 Days Sri Srestatha Pasupatha Parayanam, Homam and Abhisekam

    18 Days Sri Srestatha Pasupatha Parayanam, Homam and Abhisekam.

    Sri Srestatha Pasupatha Parayanam, Homam and Abhisekam is performed for 18 days to gain job promotions and new job opportunities.

    They are performed for a total of 18 days of which the first 17 days Parayanam and homam is done on last day.

    Duration: 3 hrs daily.

    Last day Abhisekam and homam are performed.

    Duration: 4 hrs on last day.

  • Sri Lakshmi Kubera Pasupata Abhisekam

    SRI LAKSHMI KUBERA PASUPATHA ABHISEKHAM is performed for regaining lost items or glory.

    It is one of the most powerful Homam for wealth and prosperity

  • 1 Day Sri Srestatha Pasupatha Abhisekam and Homam

    1 Day Sri Srestatha Pasupatha Abhisekam and Homam are performed for job promotions and new job opportunities.

    ONE DAY:
    Kalasa sthapana,
    Sri Sreshthata Pasupata Parayana,
    Abhishekam and
    Homam with 2 Veda Pandits

  • Mahanyasa Purvaka Ekadasa Rudrabhisekam

    Mahanyasa Purvaka Ekadasa Rudrabhisekam

    It is an elaborate pooja offered to Lord Shiva. Shiva is supposed to have 11 forms of RUdra. All eleven Rudras are worshipped in this pooja. Initially, sthapana, avahana are done. Laghunyasam is performed. Recitation of Rudra Trishati is done and abhishekam is performed to the eleven Rudras with the eleven materials or dravyas as prescribed in the scriptures. The consorts of the eleven Rudras are also worshipped. This pooja is performed by four pudits. Recitation of Rudram is done eleven times, each one for a Rudra.

  • Kanyapasupata Abhisekam

    Kanya Pashupatam Homam

    Most girls want to choose ideal life partners during their marriage for ensuring a happy life. At the same time, some may face difficulties in this process due to several obstacles. Kanya pashupatam homam is a suitable one for women to find a spouse in easy methods. It plays a key role in removing the doshas and other problems while searching for a bridegroom.

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