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Mahanyasa purvaka rudrabhishekam, Chandi Homam daily . శ్రీ పార్వతీ సేవ శక్తి పీఠం నందు సమస్త లోక కళ్యాణార్ధం భక్తుల గోత్ర నామములతో ప్రతి నిత్యము మహాన్యాస పూర్వక రుద్రాభిషేకము,చండిహోమం నిర్వహించు చున్నాము. భక్తులు ఈ సదవకాశమును వినియోగించుకొని అమ్మవారియొక్క అనుగ్రహమును పొందగలరు. మీరు ఉన్న చోటనుండి ప్రత్యక్షముగ మా వెబ్ సైట్ ద్వారా చూడవచ్చును.Coming Live in : http://www.youtube.com/c/KesavaTheertha , https://pujaandhomam.com/

Kanyapasupata Abhisekam

Kanyapasupata Abhisekam



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Kanya Pashupatam Homam

Most girls want to choose ideal life partners during their marriage for ensuring a happy life. At the same time, some may face difficulties in this process due to several obstacles. Kanya pashupatam homam is a suitable one for women to find a spouse in easy methods. It plays a key role in removing the doshas and other problems while searching for a bridegroom.

Why Kanya Pashupatam Homam?

Identifying a perfect spouse seems to be a hard task for some girls due to transition of important planets in the horoscope. Anyone who wants to clear them effectively can perform Kanya pashupatam homam for gaining more benefits. It also helps for maintaining good relationships with live partners to avoid disputes and other issues. Another advantage of this homam is that it plays a key role in planning marriage for girls at the right time by meeting exact requirements.

Moola Mantra Of Kanya Pashupatam Homam

Om Aim Hreem Shreem Maha

Kannikaya Saptha Kannikayai Sakhala

Sthri- Purusha- Vasham kuru Kuru Sarvam

Mama Vasum Kuru Kuru Sakhala Karyayi

Sathaya Sathaya Aim Hreem Shreem Hum

Phat Svaha

Importance of Kanya Pashupatam Homam

Marriage is considered as an important event in life which brings prosperity in life. On the other hand, some afflictions and transition may lead to delay in marriages and other problems. Kanya pashupatam homam makes feasible ways for fixing them properly by getting the blessings of god. Moreover, it is possible to reduce complex problems with this homam.


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