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Mahanyasa purvaka rudrabhishekam, Chandi Homam daily . శ్రీ పార్వతీ సేవ శక్తి పీఠం నందు సమస్త లోక కళ్యాణార్ధం భక్తుల గోత్ర నామములతో ప్రతి నిత్యము మహాన్యాస పూర్వక రుద్రాభిషేకము,చండిహోమం నిర్వహించు చున్నాము. భక్తులు ఈ సదవకాశమును వినియోగించుకొని అమ్మవారియొక్క అనుగ్రహమును పొందగలరు. మీరు ఉన్న చోటనుండి ప్రత్యక్షముగ మా వెబ్ సైట్ ద్వారా చూడవచ్చును.Coming Live in : http://www.youtube.com/c/KesavaTheertha , https://pujaandhomam.com/

Devi Pratyangira Homam

Devi Pratyangira Homam



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Pratyangira homam

A homam plays a key role in solving all types of problems by addressing exact needs. It is widely followed in different types for gaining more prospects to live a wealthy life. Anyone who wants to get protection from their enemies should consider about performing Pratyangira homam for meeting exact requirements. This homam also helps for reducing legal issues to a wider extent.


Why Pratyangira pashupatam homam?

Many people face threats from their enemies which lead to several risks. Therefore, it is necessary to combat them effectively for ensuring better results. Pratyangira homam is a suitable one for controlling negative actions from bad forces to experience peace of mind. This homam provides methods for eliminating ill effects to minimize complications.

Significance of Pratyangira pashupatam homam

Lawsuits and enemy problems may affect the growth of a person. Pratyangira homam fulfills the requirements of people who want to avoid conflicts and other issues to a wider extent. Moreover, this homam plays a key role in overcoming risks to attain success levels in life.

As per vedic Scriptures Goddess Pratyangira devi came out from the third eye of Lord Shiva to calm down the Narasimha the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Prathyangira, Narasimhi or Narashimhika, is a Hindu Goddess associated with Shakti, the Hindu concept of eternal energy. She is described as a goddess with a lioness's face and a human body. This combination of lion and human forms represents the balance of good and evil. 

Benefits of Worshiping Prathyangira through Agni/fire ritual: 

Prathyangira is primarily conceived of as a protective, fierce goddess capable of extreme rage and destruction in order to defeat evil. She is considered to be a powerful guardian against the effects of black magic, and also a bestower of many boons. It is believed that when Narashimhika shakes her mane, she sends the stars into disarray. In Sri Chakra worship, she protects her devotees against all odds and guides them along the right path. She is enveloped as bliss in the letter "Ksham". 

Hindus also do a hard penance and believe they will have dreams of Prathyangira in the heavens after they have worshipped Prathyangira. 

Pratyangira is considered as the ultimate force in the Universe to destroy Tamas and restore Sattva. When a highly Sattvic force is deeply agitated due to battle against a highly Tamasic force, Pratyangira can be invoked as a weapon to subdue and utterly destroy the Tamasic force and restore Sattva. Pratyangira is not a "bali kaavar deivam" or a deity that demands offerings of flesh, even though She is an extraordinarily fierce manifestation (ugra devata) of Mata Shakti. 

Worshipping Prathyangira Amman relieves us from all kinds of dosham, accidents, enemies, diseases, wrath, curses, obstacles, black magic. 

Similar to Varahi Amman, many people fear to keep a photo of Prathyangira because she is once again thought of as a Ugraha Deivam. People who think like that are ignorant of her karunai(Grace), azhagu(Beauty), mahimai(Her Goodness).

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