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Mahanyasa purvaka rudrabhishekam, Chandi Homam daily . శ్రీ పార్వతీ సేవ శక్తి పీఠం నందు సమస్త లోక కళ్యాణార్ధం భక్తుల గోత్ర నామములతో ప్రతి నిత్యము మహాన్యాస పూర్వక రుద్రాభిషేకము,చండిహోమం నిర్వహించు చున్నాము. భక్తులు ఈ సదవకాశమును వినియోగించుకొని అమ్మవారియొక్క అనుగ్రహమును పొందగలరు. మీరు ఉన్న చోటనుండి ప్రత్యక్షముగ మా వెబ్ సైట్ ద్వారా చూడవచ్చును.Coming Live in : http://www.youtube.com/c/KesavaTheertha , https://pujaandhomam.com/

Chandrudu (Moon)

Chandrudu (Moon)



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Graham Dhanyam : Vadlu (Rice Paddy)

Japa Sankhya :10000

Duration :10 hrs

Lord Chandra, as a God, is fair and youthful in appearance. He is considered wise, peaceful and auspicious. He wears white and carries a mace in one hand and is seated on a lotus which is carried by a shining white chariot pulled by white horses. The Moon rules the zodiac sign of Cancer (Karkataka). The gemstone of Moon is Moonstone and Pearls. The metal representing Moon is silver and the direction is northwest.

The Chandra mantra japam is used to please the planet moon. The japam done with the Homa is very useful and beneficial because the worship of the moon decreases the malefic effect and benefits the individual to a great extent.

The positive energy of the Chandra Japam neutralizes the negative effect. The Homam for the Chandra is required for those whose moon is wrongly placed in the horoscope. Moon controls the five senses of the human being life. The mind is also controlled by the planet moon. Lord Chandra should be worshipped on Monday of the bright fortnight. The Homa should be performed by sitting in the northwest direction. The nature of the moon is watery.

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