We are ready to serve you by performing the puja and homam as per you requirement at your residence in a systematic and methodical way following the guidelines of shastras and give you the prashad which will bear you the fruits of the puja and homam to neutralize the ill effects of the grahas and give you good health, wealth and prosperity.

For those who do not have time and who reside at distant place and cannot travel, we also perform puja, jappam and homam on your name and send you the prashad through courier which will yeild good results to you.

We are specialized in performing Puja for

  • People who suffer delay in marriage
  • People who have dosha's in their horoscopes
  • People who are in search of jobs or setting up new business
  • People who are expecting more income
  • Couples who desire for kids

We also perform puja for all auspicious occasion like Satyanarayan Katha, House warming, Navagraha Japams, remedial solutions for dosha in kundali. We also perform Yantra Puja, tharpanam & different types of homams and give prashad which will yeild good results to you.