Rudra Homam

|| SRI RUDRA HOMAM || Cost :Rs. 6,500

Persons suffering from different problems such as Job, Marriage, Debts, Promotions etc......... is due to a star position in the wrong place in the horoscope. Such Persons horoscope suggests which Graha japam / puja can remove the bad effect and give good results.

In addition to that Graha japam / puja, homam performed for navagrahas bestows more good results. Along with graha japam/puja and homam, if you perform MAHANYASA PURVAKA RUDRAABHISEKAM, it nullifies all the bad effects and obstacles in your life and you will be gifted with a new lease of life with good health, wealth and prosperity.

All your wishes will be fulfilled in very short time. That is the power of MAHANYASA PURVAKA RUDRAABHISEKAM. It delivers you what you desire immediately for those who have genuine thoughts and dedicated devotion with trust.

To acquire financial stability, to overcome fear from thieves, to overcome from problems due to subordinates in the office, to get relief from taxes, and other problems from government departments.

For the welfare of the society and universal wellbeing of the world, one should perform this rudra escape from unexpected deaths, accidental deaths, to escape from physical disability during accidents if any, and to lead long life. One should perform this rudra homam, since Lord Eswar is god of wealth.