Maha Sudarshana Homam

|| MAHA SUDARSHANA HOMAM || Cost :Rs. 12,000

Unavoidable great enemy problems, removal of Obstacles, for taking up development activities, to achieve highest goals in the concerned activities, to acquire highest position in Ministerial Management, facing problems to acquire the above, having desire to get Superior Position in political field, one must perform this Homam.

Lord Sri Maha Vishnu is having 5 (five) weapons, called Saarangamu (Dhanusu) Bow, Nandakamu (Sword),Kaumodaki (Gadha),Panchajanyam (Sanku) Sea Shell, Sudarshanam(Chakram) Wheel,. In these five weapons, the most extraordinary powerful & effective weapon is Sudarshana Chakra; it will destroy all evil and destructive enemies. The Sudarshana mantra is equivalent to this Weapon Sudarshana chakra. By Performing Homam with effective Sudarshana mantra it will destroy all Obstacles and helps us to reach Superior Position.