Chandi Homam

|| Sarva bada Vinirmukho dhana dhanya Suthanvitah
            Manushyo Matprasa Dena Bhavishyathi Nasamsayaha ||

|| SRI CHANDI HOMAM || Cost :Rs. 8,516

To relieve from various kinds of problems and to get Money, wealth and high yield of agriculture production, to flurish & develop Vamsa vrudhi (Dynasty) one should perform Chandi Parayanam, Homam, they will definitely give effective results. One should perform Chandi saptasati parayanam, according to Vedic rituals and finally end with Chandi Homam; these golden words were really spoken by Devi Jagadambika in the History.Hence if Chandi Parayana, homam is performed any work can be done in this universe.